Google said Trump
"won the election in the search."
When Donald J Trump won the US Presidential election in 2016, one of his first statements was, 'social media helped me win!'
For political organisations looking to reach potential voters digital targeting can't be ignored!
Create engaging, highly personalised policy announcements across digital marketing platforms. We can engage with crucial demographic groups, such as the millennial to boost conversions.
Engaging The Youth
The most volatile section of the population, which is supposedly apolitical, are always glued to the digital marketing channels; and perhaps the most 'active' and 'opinionated' section on social media. Target the youth in their preferable domain and mould them according to the party agenda.
The Power of Polls
Unlike physical polls and exit polls conducted by market research organisations, polls on social media can really put forward almost accurate insights. The results will be unbiased, not at all manipulated and will indicate the flaws of the policies put forward by the parties and the agenda with which they are going to the election.
Digital Advertising
This low cost advertisement option can be utilised to engage the TG in a meaningful way. A party's reach to its audience increases tremendously through these ads as the inbuilt algorithms of digital media help them to reach the exact target audience.
Manage your election campaign effectively & effortlessly
Features of the MyCampaign Platform
Build your Persona
Political Profile: Bio, Past achievements, Initiatives taken & future plans
Attractive infographics that illustrate your work and vision to transform the constituency.
Campaign Schedule
Interviews and interesting aspects of the candidate's personality and campaign highlights
Individual Approach
Beacon enabled information distribution system for party offices/campaign offices/important areas

We identify and target conversations where groups and individuals are most passive; to deliver strategic influence.
  • Amplification of campaign activities on social media
  • Distribution of content via Videos, Blogs, News articles
  • Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc
  • Live streaming
  • Digital boost to reach out to wider votes base
  • Assignment of roles and duties among team members
  • Daily reviews & allocation of tasks
  • Interaction with team through audio, video calls
  • Analytics of team's efforts
  • Send E-Mails & Messages directly to campaign team
  • Voter insights & Analytics
  • Verified data of voters in the constituency Interaction with App subscribers
  • Weekly, Daily Q&A sessions
  • Dashboard for resolving voter issues
  • Send E-Mails & Messages directly to involve voters in the campaign activities
  • Contests and Quizzes to increase engagement
  • Personalised greetings for voters
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