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Full service Interactive Media Agency. The core is Digital and Technology.

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Core Team

Alet Viegas
Arun Agarwal
Rakesh Ligade
Anup Patil
Sunil Jakhar
Bazil Shekh

About BBE

Since 2012 BBE has been pushing the envelope creatively and technologically to create stunning digital and offline campaigns (see the case studies here)

We are passionate and skilled in the use of talent and technology in the support of creativity. our designers give free reign to their creatively, and our technology teams deliver on the programming necessary to realise these creatives to the different media hardware your customers use. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of creative digital communications and finally

We align Marketing Technology with your Business Goals, we deliver results.

Marketing today is becoming technologically intensive, where Content Delivery, Delivery, Audits are all technologically driven. With Technologically and data driven ad campaigns there is no need of “saturation bombing”, Ad delivery can be precisely targeted down to a single unit, with an absolute personalized content, releasing more bang for the buck.

What We Can Help You With

Digital Experience Design
App / Product Development
Digital Marketing

Sectors we have expertise

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Current Openings

Experience 1-3 Years

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Corel-Draw
Graphic Designer

Experience 1-3 Years

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, jQuery, Angular.js
UI Developer

Experience 1-3 Years

c#, java, javascript, androind app-development
Android Developer

Experience 1-3 Years

java, ios app-development
IOS Developer

Culture at BBE

Never get bored
feel it
infinite in everything
that's true
Magic happens here
experience it
new thoughts
we always welcome
Music lover
yes we are

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  • 857, Dastur Meher Rd, Camp,
    Pune, Maharashtra 411001.
  • Phone: +91 9764001729
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